We are making Bionic Slammer!

Team-Icehouse is a small team gathering together creators and developers who united their skills in order to bring to life video games that reflect their style.


Welcome everyone! Team-Icehouse is currently working on a new indie game called Bionic Slammer. It is a hand-drawn 2d platformer, metroidvania-oriented, developed with the Unity engine. We look forward to showing you more!

A game inspired by the classic formula!

With its hand-drawn HD graphics, Bionic Slammer is on a par with some of today’s most ambitious games, has its own style, and with its numerous challenges will appeal to younger players as well as more demanding gamers.

A balanced gameplay, requiring precision

Our game should be seen as a 2D side-scrolling game containing both platformer and metroidvania elements, where the player explores a rich world.

Save the Body from its own destruction

Humanity is in peril, and a test subject has been artificially modified in a laboratory. After the failure following the injection of nanobots into its body, you are its last hope as it struggles to survive.

Bionic Slammer is brought to you by a small team of two veteran brothers, helped by a few friends, all of whom have been making their own video games for more than 10 years, with such different titles such as ASA: A Space Adventure, Dino Rush, Boïnihi The K’i Codex, or Chilie.

About us

Simon (Simon Says: Play!)

Simon is the co-director of Bionic Slammer and is in charge of the game’s world-consistency. He is in regular contact with the rest of the team, supervises ideas, production, and the internet sites. He also works on level design, story, and he assembles it all in Unity. He is interested in all things Japanese, is a fan of Naoki Urasawa, J-RPG (mainly PS1), Ghibli… He also loved Metroid Fusion and Castlevania Aria of Sorrow. Simon is a long-time indie developer who has created many point and click adventure games which contain challenging puzzles, such as the Black Cube series (ASA: A Space Adventure…).

Yves (Beckoning Cat)

Yves is the co-director of Bionic Slammer, and he is in charge of the hand drawn animation. He takes the most important decisions in conjunction with Simon, and spends a lot of his time drawing, using a graphic tablet, the different objects that comprise the world of the game. He is a fan of Hayao Miyazaki movies, Super Nintendo games like Yoshi’s Island or Donkey Kong Country, and enjoyed the Castlevania series quite a lot on GBA and NDS. He has been in the video game industry for over a decade and worked on countless projects, including several indie games such as Dino Rush.

Yaz (Yazorius)

Yaz is the music composer of Bionic Slammer. He has already cooperated with Simon several times in the past. He is not only a talented instrumental composer and pianist: he also likes to make prototypes and demos of games using the Fusion engine, so as an amateur game developer it makes him a very valuable ally on ambitious projects! Yaz is a fan of adventure games with challenging puzzles like the Myst and Zork series. He is a fan of a good story and one of his favorite games is Detroit: Become Human. 

Occasional team members


Nelos is a childhood friend of Simon and Yves. They all grew up in the same small village and stayed in touch despite the distance between them that developed over time. Not only can he make photorealistic portraits and paintings he also has great skills with game engines and programming. Bionic Slammer would not exist without his help on the save system, the world map, and other technical things. He has been playing video games since forever and can just enjoy almost every good game, from Super Meat Boy to Doom!


Arcnor has been involved since the initial stages of the project and has provided very handy solutions, such as setting up the management for our team work on Gitlab.

The Icehouse collective

Our team receives occasional help from our great friends RogerKT, Luminy Studios, Distant Dimensions, and many others at The Icehouse collective. They give us their opinions on the game, sharing some ideas and helping with proofreading. They will also probably be involved in testing early versions of the game in private.

Contact us

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